July 13, 2024

7 thoughts on “My New Home: Small But Perfectly Formed

  1. Yep – same problem here in Devon (which I’m sure is cheaper than the South East but still beyond my reach. You are very fortunate to have been able to buy your own place in your early 30’s. I guess working in London means higher salaries than down here in Exeter but I don;t think I could ever tear myself away too far from the coast – that’s my comfort zone.

  2. Thanks for commenting Pip
    I once nearly moved to Devon – further south than you near Salcombe but in the end the (slightly) cheaper homes didn’t make up for the loss of income. But at least you have a far nicer journey into Exeter than I have on the Chiltern line whe I need to get to London.
    Keep looking though – there are all sorts of interesting properties out there if you do push yourself beyond your comfort zone and are prepared to take on a challenge.

  3. Yes I guess we all have to move a bit outside our comfort zone to find a house we can afford. Well done! and good luck with the refurbishments – keep us posted

  4. Lucky you – I also live in the South East and at this rate I don’t think I will ever be able to afford my own place – you know the problem. I can’t save for a deposit while paying rent but ironically I’m paying rent which is higher than the mortgage would be for a similar apartment.

  5. I’ve been searching for 18 months now for a place of my own – no great expectations just want a one-bed. I’m happy to do work to get it looking right but it seems that everyone else is having the same idea. A recent flat I went after in a terrible state went for more than the asking price – crazy times

  6. Interesting that there have been no comments on the state of the housing market for over 2 years. Of course there are plenty of other things we’ve all had to worry about but I get the impression that the market is now starting to pick up after being flat for so long.

    I’m starting to see houses moving around here – there’s only so long you can wait to find a bigger home or a first home – especially if you have a young family and are forming memories with them.

    Happy house-hunting everyone

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