Kate Spade New York – Office Organisation

I’m absolutely obsessed with the state of my desk at the moment, and have been looking for some great options to keep it tidy but stylish. The brand, Kate Spade New York, is known for its crisp, clean chic style. Designing and producing everything from clothing, jewellery and fashion accessories to homeware, it is easily recognisable.  I was really pleased to have the opportunity – and the funds – to buy a couple of items for my own desk.

The Kate Spade Desk and Stationery range is a mix of fresh, statement pieces that are contemporary with an edge of quirkiness. The range includes desk organisation tools, notebooks, tumbler cups with lid and straw and some very cute Bow Push Pins!

The most beautiful part of the Kate Spade Office Accessories collection are the desk organisers. They’re gorgeous, yet functional contemporary accents for your desk space. The range is made from clear acrylic with metallic gold detailing. They also come with subtle engraved phrases on each piece. This clear and simple design is refreshing and would great in most study spaces.

“A Stroke of Genius” Pencil Holder

kate spadeThe “A Stroke of Genius” Pencil Holder is most likely the first product you’d buy. If you’re anything like me, having a pen within easy reach is essential. At 11.4cm high, 7.7cm wide and deep, the pencil pot can easily hold a good amount of pens/pencils. It doesn’t look overloaded and untidy either.

The pencil pot is beautifully finished with “a stroke of genius” inscribed on the gold detailing – a subtle and sophisticated touch. The pencil holder is not exactly a bargain at £20. However, as it’s made from durable acrylic and it’s such a modern design, I’m confident this piece is a good investment.

The Acrylic File Organiser

A beautiful addition to the pencil holder, this Acrylic File Organiser is both elegant and functional. I love the humorous engraving of  ‘Sort it out’ on the gold front. You’ll actually enjoy organising your bills and paperwork with a desk adorned with attractive accessories.

With a height of 15.8 cm, width of 22.9cm and depth of 10cm, the organiser can easily hold a various, standard sized envelopes and documents. The organiser is £40. However, it’s a durable piece that is also space saving. The organiser helps by freeing up space on your desk. Mine is always filled with paperwork, but now I have room to get down to work without the stress of clutter.

“Keep It Together” Stapler

Perhaps one of the most useful pieces from the Kate Spade Desk stationery range is the “Keep It Together” Stapler. Again, this comes in robust and contemporary clear acrylic and luxurious looking metallic gold detailing, and is the quirkiest stapler I’ve come across. The most noteworthy part of this stapler is the fact that the clear acrylic allows you to see the mechanics of the stapler. This gives this piece an industrial feel.

Measuring 6.9cm high, 11.4cm and 3cm deep, the stapler is standard size. it enables you to comfortably staple various sheets of paper together with ease.

The stapler is finished with the phrase “Keep It Together” and the Kate Spade Logo, as a seal of approval. This piece teamed with the pencil holder and the file organiser creates a beautiful set of study equipment. It looks amazing and keeps you organised! A Double whammy!

I love the look of my desk with all the Kate Spade accessories, and I’m confident that these would look great in any home – why not give them a go?