Nkuku Photo Frames

Picture walls have been on trend now for a long time, and quite rightly so! This trend is very much here to stay and with this is mind when creating a picture wall, it’s a good idea to select frames that you love. Choosing frames that are timeless in design and well made means your picture wall stands the test of time. Nkuku Photo Frames, which you can buy at Selfridges, are the epitome of rustic chic with an air of vintage glamour. These picture frames are handmade, fair trade and eco-friendly making them truly unique.

Nkuku Copper Picture Frame

Nkuku framesFramed with a raised border and finished with trendy weathered copper, this frame hangs portrait with some rustic red sari ribbon. It also has twin glass plates that make open and placing photographs really easy.

This particular frame measures 4×6 inches but variations are available. These include Landscape 4×6 inches, Portrait and landscape 5×7 inches and portrait and landscape 8×10 inches. Prices range from £19.95 to £29.95, which is very reasonable for handmade, eco-friendly and fair trade products.


These frames are perfect for keeping photographs and keepsakes. My favourite way to use these frames is with black and white photographs. Using a combination of different frames thrown together for a picture wall to make a really cool vintage inspired feature.

Tiny Kiko Frame Antique Brass (Set of 4)

These gorgeous miniature frames are a beautiful, subtle addition to any picture wall. These are perfect for those tiny black and white old family photos stored away in your attic. Adding these interesting pieces to your picture wall gives it soul and a unique sense of personality.

Measuring 5×5 cm and made from glass and antique brass, the set costs £19.95. I think this is a great price for something so unique and versatile! Come Christmas I plan on hanging these on my Christmas tree, making a vintage Christmas theme.

Kiko Photo Box – Large

To finish my picture wall, these large photo boxes are perfect for giving the arrangement a cool twist. They are great for holding keepsakes, flowers and foliage and photographs. I plan on rotating what I display in my photo box as it’s always nice to be able to refresh a decorative look every once in a while or whenever the mood takes you!

The large photo box costs £49.95 and measures 31 x 38.5 x 6cm making it great for storing lots of keepsakes, or if you prefer a minimalist look you can decorate sparsely to create a contemporary feel.

The Nkuku products bring together vintage and contemporary style, giving you the best of both worlds, all while being fair trade and eco-friendly. These make perfect gifts, especially for your greener friends!